The general purpose of ALGOWATCH is to scale-up and replicate the results of CROSSOVER project,17 conducted in the Belgium context as a pilot, in particular the MIL dimension that produced “Algo-literacy for all 10 Key-points”.18 This will allow us to amplify our two main goals, in accordance to the Creative Europe programme objectives for Media Literacy (CREA-CROSS 2023). In order to adjust to the structural changes faced by society it has two objectives and four specific objectives:

General objective 1

To shed light on the phenomenon of algorithmic disinformation as a threat to democratic societies and to a healthy inclusive online environment

Specific objective 1.1

To address new forms of disinformation based on Algorithms (based on “Algo-literacy for all 10 keypoints”)

Specific objective 1.2

To engage participants (young people and adults) via game strategies and online/onsite events

Objective 2

To support media literacy professionals to adapt their practices and change their patterns of use of information and disinformation and those of people around them

Specific objective 2.1

To train mediators and intermediaries (teachers, librarians, youth workers, journalists, …) to enhance capacity-building, scalability and sustainability across European partner countries

Specific objective 2.2

To disseminate with novel strategies (games, interactive quizzes, agile workshops, museum and library exhibits …)