Decoding Algorithms: Media and AI Literacy for All

ALGOWATCH (October 2023 – September 2025) aims to create a dedicated multi-stakeholder team focused on algo-literacy, an emergent sub-field of Media and Information Literacy (MIL), with a special focus on how to detect and deflect algorithmic disinformation. The action will use an empowerment by design methodology, having participants co-create interactive quizzes and board games, to foster self-efficacy and participatory processes among people with low skills (youth 15+ and multiplier professionals).

ALGOWATCH capitalizes on 2022 Crossover project, to scale up algo-literacy across Europe. It will unpack the Crossover “Algo literacy for all in 10 key points, with interactive quizzes and board games shared in local exhibits, for better e-inclusion. The action will have a strong focus on behavioural change, motivating watchful participants to build individual resilience and collective resistance to disinformation (verification, advocacy, alternate uses).

The ALGOWATCH work plan includes four main activities:

  1. Produce interactive quizzes and games for awareness
  2. Engage participants in co-creative activities in an exhibit space
  3. Deploy exhibit in workshops with multiplier professionals in formal settings (schools) and in informal settings (libraries, museums)
  4. Disseminate the resources for transfer of practices.

The final deliverables will consist of an activity bank and a dissemination toolkit (with pathways for e-inclusion, communication plan and evaluation plan).

The ALGOWATCH consortium brings together all required expertise, each partner working with an extended network of partners and EDMO hubs:

  1. Savoir Devenir (France), a Media and Information Literacy NGO with experience in games, quizzes and project coordination
  2. Association for Communication and Media Culture (DKMK, Croatia), a Media and Information Literacy NGO with experience in workshop evaluation;
  3. Maynooth University (NUIM, Ireland), a university specialised in digital games and empowerment by design
  4. Iscte-University Institute of Lisbon (Portugal), a university specialised in training and outreach to diverse communities of practice.